Current Board Members

Bllu Catalano

has been teaching writing and arts for 25 years. She also teaches at the Perkins School and the Roudenbush Community Center. She co-founded

Rich Marcello

is the author of five novels, The Color of Home, The Big Wide Calm, The Beauty of the Fall, The Latecomers, and Cenotaphs, and the poetry collection,

Bob Ainsworth

My name is Bob Ainsworth, I live in Marlboro, and am a retired financial executive. I loved mysteries as a kid, reading every ‘Perry Mason’ book by Earl

Marie Stevens

is a writer and educator from Central Massachusetts. Her fiction addresses the complex issues that arise in modern life, but sometimes

Joyce Derenas

is the author of four novels, The Long Shot, Becca’s Kiss, Anna’s Wish and Mary’s Heart. The Homecoming is the fifth book in the series, A

Jess Costello

is a writer from Central Massachusetts with a master’s degree in psychology. She has covered local art for Boston Hassle, reviewed music, and

Retired SBWC Board Members and Founders

Paula Castner

is the Campus Director for the Art of Problem Solving Lexington as well as a freelance writer, playwright, drama director, writing workshop

Mary Dowling

worked for 14 years as a hospital CEO, where her writing focused on business and health related topics. Since retiring, Mary has actively

Hollis Shore

is a graduate of the University of Vermont and the Vermont College MFA Program in Writing for Children and Young Adults. She has worked

Winona Winkler Wendth

holds an MFA in literature and writing with an emphasis on creative non-fiction from the Bennington Writing Seminars. She

Ursula Wong

writes gripping stories about strong women who battle impossible odds to achieve their dreams. Her work has appeared in Everyday Fiction

Ann Connery Frantz

of Lancaster wrote and edited at nine newspapers during her career and now works as a freelance writer/editor. Her short story,