Scott Hilton

Scott Hilton is a writer and teacher from Central Massachusetts who, like many of us,  is on a journey of discovery and growth as a writer. He transitioned from a career as an engineer and leader in the Tech industry to an instructor at Tufts University and a writer. He is currently working on a Science Fiction novel set at the end of this century after a climate disaster. He joined Seven Bridges in the Fall of 2019 as part of an in-person (now Zoom) critique group as he learned the craft of creative writing and worked on his story. The critique group became a sanctuary of support, community, and pushing his writing to new heights. Scott brings a sense of curiosity, empathy, and inclusion to leading the critique group process. When not writing, he enjoys teaching graduate students about leadership and strategy, his second home in Vermont, and time with his wife, Judie, and grown children, Sarah and Andrew.