Seven Bridge Press

Your Publishing Dreams Become Reality: Announcing Seven Bridge Press

Have you poured your heart into a novel or crafted a captivating memoir, but feel lost when it comes to the world of publishing? Seven Bridge Press, our non-profit publishing house, is here to change that. We offer a supportive path to transform your manuscript into a polished, published book that reaches a wide audience.

Benefits of Seven Bridge Press

  • Expert Guidance: We’ll pair you with an editor for in-depth developmental, line, and copy editing, ensuring your story shines.
  • Community Support: Tap into the power of SBWC’s Beta readers for valuable feedback.
  • Professional Touches: Leave the cover design, formatting, copyright, ISBN, and distribution to us.
  • Marketing Know-How: Get actionable marketing advice to help your book reach its full potential.

We're Launching! Help Us Shape Our Journey

Seven Bridge Press is seeking talented SBWC members for our inaugural publishing cohort. In 2024, we’ll select one or two works across various genres (novels, memoirs) for publication.


  • Be a paid SBWC member.
  • Have participated in SBWC classes, critique groups, or prompt groups for at least 12 months.
  • Possess a completed manuscript, synopsis, and query letter.

Submission Process

Craft a query letter via email that includes:

  • Your name and email address
  • Manuscript name, genre, and word count
  • A compelling synopsis
  • A short author bio
  • Details of your SBWC involvement
  • A recommendation

Send your query to:

Let's Make Your Publishing Dreams a Reality!