Seven Bridge Digital Magazine

The Seven Bridge Writers’ Collaborative offers a rich and engaging environment for writers of all levels. Our new initiative, The Seven Bridge Digital Magazine, is a promising platform that reflects this commitment to fostering a supportive community of writers.

Overview of The Seven Bridge Digital Magazine

The magazine is open to submissions from students and teachers associated with the Seven Bridge Writers’ Collaborative, including both current and former participants. This inclusive approach allows a diverse array of voices and experiences to be showcased, reinforcing the collaborative’s mission to nurture and celebrate authors.

Content and Submission

The Seven Bridge Digital Magazine will feature an array of literary forms, including:

  • Short stories and fictional excerpts: These will cater to lovers of narrative and storytelling, offering a glimpse into the imaginative worlds of the contributors.
  • Non-fiction pieces: These writings will provide insights into the real-life experiences and thoughts of the writers, ranging from reflective essays to informative articles.
  • Poetry: This section will highlight the lyrical and rhythmic expressions of emotion and experience from the community.

Submissions are to be sent to A go/no go decision will be made within four weeks of submission. This streamlined process encourages participation from a wide range of writers within the community.

Publication Frequency

The digital magazine plans to release new content on a monthly basis. This regular cadence ensures that readers have something fresh to look forward to regularly, and writers have ongoing opportunities to have their work published and recognized.

Community Engagement

By incorporating work from its wide network of past and present students and teachers, the Seven Bridge Digital Magazine not only showcases the talents within the collaborative but also strengthens the bonds within this writing community. The publication acts as a platform for both emerging and experienced writers to share their work with an engaged audience, receive feedback, and grow in their craft.

In essence, The Seven Bridge Digital Magazine is an exciting extension of the collaborative’s ongoing efforts to support and enrich the writing community. It provides a valuable opportunity for writers to gain exposure and for readers to explore the diverse talents within the Seven Bridge Writers’ Collaborative.

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