Calling all writers in pursuit of growth and community – our Critique Groups are your avenue to delve deeper into your craft, refine your skills, and foster connections that fuel your creative journey. If you’re crafting longer works and seeking a supportive circle to share, learn, and elevate your writing, this is your space.


Picture this: a monthly rendezvous that spans an entire year, from September to August. A consistent rhythm to nurture your progress. In each cycle, you experience eleven meetings that breathe life into your work. It’s a journey that mirrors the evolution of your creation – from the first spark to the triumphant finish line. Our writers often embark on multiple cycles, each weaving a tapestry of growth, piece by piece.


Diversity defines our Critique Groups. Some gather face-to-face, others unite online, and there’s the intriguing hybrid blend. The meeting terrain is shaped by the facilitator and their group, creating an environment where creativity thrives. Linked to public libraries, our Critique Groups are woven into the fabric of community events. We’re expanding our reach, striving to partner with as many local libraries as we can. If we’re not in your library calendar this year, there’s hope for the next.


Meet the architects of our collaborative haven – the facilitators. More than guides, they are fellow writers who know the path you tread. These skilled individuals ensure a safe space for sharing and encourage the art of feedback. Published authors, seasoned educators, and all-around creators, they’ve got your back. They’re part of the tapestry, fostering your success while weaving their own stories within the group.


We welcome writers of every type – beginners seeking footholds, intermediates honing their craft, and advanced wordsmiths perfecting their art. Regardless of where you stand, if you yearn for profound critique and camaraderie, we’re your haven. Whether your works sprawl or stand concise, our Critique Groups are here to enrich your writing journey.


Here’s the heart of it all – the Critique Group cycle. Step one: you share 15-20 pages of your work, a snapshot of your vision, with fellow members each month. Step two: immerse yourself in the creations of your peers, igniting your insightful reading. Step three: gather for the critique session, a space of constructive exchange that propels growth. This dynamic loop is your pathway to progress, repeated eleven times throughout the year.

Dive in. Join our Critique Groups and be part of a community that nurtures your craft, expands your horizons, and celebrates your evolution. This is where your words gain resonance, where your stories find their wings. Take the leap and write your chapter in the Seven Bridge Writers’ Collaborative.