About Us

We are a small but growing writing organization in Massachusetts run by writers. We teach writing classes on the novel, the memoir, and creative non-fiction. We offer writing courses online and in person during three ten-week sessions per year. We also offer free craft workshops throughout the year on various writing topics. We celebrate authors with something to say and encourage untapped voices. We believe that we can support the successful writer in this era and market by providing: space for new, growing, and accomplished writers to write, explore and learn; opportunity for writers to understand the market, the publishing world, and their place in it; and community for writers and the public to interact, share, and deepen connections.


Our Mission

We teach the craft of writing. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit writing organization run by writers for writers, dedicated to partnering with local communities to encourage writing and personal expression. Because storytelling is essential to understanding and celebrating who we are, and fostering voices is critical to a vibrant, inclusive narrative, we provide space, opportunity, and community for emerging and experienced writers through workshops, writing groups, and supportive programming. In this way, our collaborative fosters writing, sharing, and learning integral to the cultural life of central Massachusetts.



Our teachers are published authors and experts in their fields


Many of our writers go on to publish fiction and non-fiction titles


Our community is filled with writers who offer honest and constructive feedback


We offer online learning during the pandemic


Seven Bridge was created by a handful of local Lancaster, Massachusetts writers to fulfill their writing goals. They envisioned a place where they could meet with other writers to share their work, improve and provide support towards finishing and publishing work. The original board formed a partnership with the Lancaster public library. The library fostered the organization by providing free space for all meetings and open mics.


Writing groups grew and filled quickly. Seven Bridge was meeting a need in the community. Free monthly writing and industry workshops were planned and became very popular. The board took on more specialized roles in the daily running of the organization. Seven Bridge brought in more facilitators and approached other libraries about offering groups and open mics. 


Seven Bridge Writers began offering writing groups in Littleton, Worcester, and Groton public libraries, as well as Open Mics. Additional facilitators came aboard so that we could serve more writers. The organization refined our goals and processes. We began to apply for grants to help fund our workshops and pay facilitators a small compensation. Classes remained free and filled within hours of registration opening. When Covid-19 arrived, we were able to pivot to online zoom classes, groups and Open Mics. We managed to continue to serve our writers in a lesser capacity, but learned the power of online meetings. We found we could serve writers anywhere as well as those who found it difficult or impossible to attend in person. It was agreed that to serve more writers, online meetings would continue to be part of our offerings.


Seven Bridge has worked hard over the last two years to persist and ultimately transform. Last year, the board underwent a radical self-examination and transformation, and the entire structure of Seven Bridge evolved. Through a grant we received from Northeastern University’s Professional Development program, we were able to work with two professionals  to build a new business plan, called “A Roadmap to Financial Sustainability.” The goals detailed in this plan are as follows:

1. Continue to offer our writing programs to Central Massachusetts and beyond
2. Become financially stable and sustainable
3. Plan for expansion
4. Design a clear, straightforward marketing plan focused on growth.
5. Create a strong and committed leadership team
6. Build inclusivity and diversity into all goals
7. Find new ways to connect with partners
8. Update our registration, marketing, communication, and accounting systems
9. Establish a strong volunteer base
10. Grow to fulfill the needs and goals of our writers

In addition to these goals, we have recently added two new ones.

11. Establish Seven Bridge Press as a possible publishing partner for our members.          12. Establish Seven Bridge Consulting in order to provide detailed 1-1 coaching to our members.