Seven Bridge Writers’ Collaborative offers three 10-week creative writing sessions a year, as well as monthly critique groups. Registrations for writing groups open in August, December and March for each of the three sessions. The writing groups are free and open to the public, but registrations are first come, first served. Critique groups meet year round and fill as writers connect with SBWC. For more information, go to critique groups and writing groups.


SBWC provides weekly time that I rely on to practice my craft with others. There is value in learning when my spontaneous work contains valuable bits. I easily feel hyper-critical, writing alone each day, and it helps when respected colleagues comment, “that works”, or point out “the voice in your narrative is clear”. I consider time spent in SBWC sessions important to the maintenance of my writing repertoire, and I count on SBWC writers for their insights and encouragement.

Robert Donahue, recently published “Whether” in Dual Coast Magazine