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Thursday nights, April 6th – May 11th, 6-8:30 pm EST. 

My name is Nina Hart and I am the creator of Writing From the Top of Your Head, a 6-week live online course that helps writers and artists unblock their creativity and finally get started on the artistic projects they daydream about.

Writing centers offer a wide array of writing classes to help writers hone their skills and master the craft of writing. However, writing classes often have a handful of students who are silent, who choose to observe the class instead of participating. I have been one of those students, the quiet shadow in the corner of the class, too terrified to participate and overcome with shame on my way home. Others such as Flora Le, a graduate of my program, admits to browsing writing courses semester after semester, but never feeling “ready enough” to sign up. Or Gillian, another graduate of my program, who worked through blocks she accumulated after attending an MFA writing program where her work was harshly critiqued.

These silent students usually have one thing in common: they are overcome by a mixture of fear and shame at the idea of expressing their voice. At the same time, they are longing to tell their stories and explore their imagination. Taking a course in the craft of writing seems a step too far since they often have no writing to show, or they are excessively hard on their fledgling creations and they need to take creative steps in a safe and supportive environment.

In the early stages of the creative journey, or in the midst of unwinding from negative artistic or academic experiences, the measure of success is not the writing itself, but finding joy in the creative process and engaging with it on a regular basis. And that is the foundation of the course.

Writing From the Top of your Head was designed with this blocked-but-budding or recovering writers in mind. The course is equally helpful to artists from all disciplines who have lost their creative ju-ju and need to find their way back to the joy of creating. By the end of the course, students are armed with tools to quiet their inner critic, deal with shame, build creative play into their day-to-day lives, use associative writing, imagery, and journaling to generate ideas, and commit to a regular writing practice.

Once unblocked, most of my graduates go on to work on their novel, memoir, storytelling or poetry projects. They also feel ready to take the writing classes they once feared.

The course can help free the creativity of writers of all levels, visual artists, musicians, songwriters, bloggers, dancers, actors, and comics…

This is a 6-week live Zoom course. Classes are 2.5 hours and are offered weekly.

An overview:

Week 1 Find out how the foundational creativity strategy of “Small and Crappy” can help you lower your expectations and slay perfectionism when it rears its head. You CAN create without your inner critic hanging over your pen.

Week 2 You don’t have to sit around and wait for the muse to show up. Learn how to raise up your creative antennae and bring about states of awe
at will.

Week 3 The path to finding your voice is to give yourself permission to “just be you.” Specially-designed writing prompts will bring you to these discoveries. Through the “Koi Pond” exercise you’ll learn to trust the images that come to you and what you hear, see, feel, taste, and smell.

Week 4 Tap into profound poetic states through the practice of the “Thank You Walk,” “Snapshot,” “Soft Focus” that will help induce states of higher creativity. These tools will help you follow through as an artist, and allow you to practice more and more bravery and vulnerability.

Week 5 Connect what you’ve learned into a “symphonic writing experience.” You will combine dreams and other found material to discover new directions. By playing with playful structures, you will find that letting go of control will help you find the gifts that lay beyond the “thinking mind.”

Week 6 Cultivate a consistent writing practice that fits into your life. Learn about the incredible, simple power of Kaizen aka Small Steps – so you can easily keep moving toward your goals long after this workshop is over. These tools and practices will help you in all areas of your life.

I have a story to tell but I struggle to sit down and do the work. I write for a living, but when it comes to my dream of writing my stories and expressing my voice, I am blocked. Nina and her creativity coaching was exactly what I had been looking for, for years. I just didn’t know where to find someone who could help me get over my obstacles. As a lawyer who’s been held to high standards my entire career, I needed help to explore a more playful place, a place where there are no stakes, no mistakes, and no obligation of results. I had to re-learn to play and have fun. Nina’s program helped me reconnect with my creativity and find joy in writing. It literally changed my life and most importantly, I now feel confident that I can achieve my writing projects. You can’t put a dollar value on this.


Nina manages to create one of the safest and most supportive writing spaces I have ever entered, and believe me there have been many! The worst was at college, where I left after one semester traumatized by the workshop process in an MFA in creative writing program. It is because of Nina’s emphasis on kindness and her understanding of creative trauma that I personally moved through blocks that have hampered my writing since the MFA program. I finished the workshop with four complete pieces of writing that I am motivated to go deeper into and develop. I am no longer fearful of the empty page, but excited to continue delving into the infinite possibilities available through Writing From The Top Of Your Head. I implore you to take the leap with Nina, and you will most certainly fly across that page like never before. 


The content and material alone in this course is rich and deep enough to bring someone through substantial, substantive transformation not only in their creative lives, but in their lives, period. The hidden little traumas in all of us creatives get tweaked and exposed and witnessed in the process of these brilliantly diagnosed exercises that are laser-precise in what, where, and how they touch these places. 


These six weeks have changed my life, helped me set priorities, returned my vocabulary. I am reconnected to my young adulthood when I could say “I am a writer.” These classes are not about grammar and form but discovering the great creative mind rich with sentences and images. They are not about competition to be best but about each person’s unique discovery of their magical words and phrases. I am in a state of joy.






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